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    Share this article Share The social media star has since released a video that shows the camera spinning around her head, with the scenery changing each time from her workplace, to a train station and even her bed.

    Ms Cheng explains that you can create your own doughnut selfie using the front-facing camera on a smartphone. Ms Cheng, who is based in San Francisco, created zac efron penis video using an iPhone and edited it with iMovie.

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    She has put together a three-part tutorial as part of a dedicated  website describing the technique. A Swedish tech start-up has launched an app for Apple devices that lets people take photos of themselves without having to touch their screens. Using touchless technology, which it says is zac efron penis for taking 'selfies' or 'groupies', Crunchfish's GoCam app lets users trigger photos or videos from a distance with just hand gestures.

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    Photos can be triggered from a distance of up to 10 ft 3 metresthe company claims. The technology zac efron penis something known as Touchless A3D software which detects and tracks different gestures. It does this using a video stream from the camera in the mobile phone, picking up on particular movements, such as a wave of a hand. The company, based in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, says the free GoCam app is currently only available in Zac efron penis and Australia.

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